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Hi do you know when the WPA2 security issue will be patched and updated for the MediaAccess TG589vac Modem.

It will be down to hardware supplier to update their Firmware to address and issues with WPA2 security. Whether or not your router is at risk will likely depend on the version of firmware being used. At current, version 16.2/3 will be the latest but not publically available. NickDJ
Date of Posting: 06 November 2017
Posted By: Phil
P C Engineer since 1982, UK
Hello, does anybody know where I can find a repository for all the firmware of the TG588v2 ?
Response from NickDJ:
Technicolor do not provide firmware files. The firmware is controlled by the ISP/supplier who don't generally make it available publically. There is a firmware file on this website but it's not the most recent. You may be able to find one elsewhere but be careful as it may be heavily restricted. Ideally you are looking for 15.4 as it's the most feature rich and has SSH & UCI System enabled.
Date of Posting: 23 September 2017
Posted By: Giuseppe
I work as a customer service advisor for a telecoms company and i just had to say i find your guides a godsend. very easy to follow, works a treat everytime i use it, if i could donate i would and hope you enjoy the beer, however the systems at work do not allow any financial transactions so there.... Thanks very much for an invaluable service.
Date of Posting: 12 September 2017
Posted By: Shabir Kana
Customer Service Advisor for a Telecoms Company, Lancashire
Quick question about the TG598VAC version 1 auto config set-up.
Can this be disabled, moved over from SSE FTTC to FTTC EE. Having made a factory re-set and placed the user name and broadband password into the router all works well for half an hour or so. Internet connection disables and the user name and password changes automatically. i.e. user name goes to ''. It like the router has re-set it self as for a first connection to broadband.
Can this be switched off??????????????
Currently running 15.5 firmware, TG589VAC V1
Response from NickDJ:
Most ISPs will customize their firmware to prevent the devices being used elsewhere. It sounds like SSE are using the 'TR-069' protocol to update the routers configuration. On the Technicolor routers you may be able to gain access to the 'CWMP' panel where this information may be found.

Once you've logged into the router put /?debug=1 on the end of the address (e.g. ). If you can then see the CWMP panel try disabling the feature.

Other than this I can only recommend trying alternative Firmware.
Date of Posting: 04 July 2017
Posted By: Gwyn Jones
Mad about IT, Wales, UK
Hi. Thanks for maintaining this site, hopefully a good source of advice for people. I have had the Technicolor TG589vac V2 installed today for my Kcom lightstream broadband ( up to 250MB speed) . The router is constantly humming which doesn't bother me but is driving my wife mad. Is this normal or is it because its new or something?

Answer: No this is not normal. It suggests the router has some kind of electrical fault. The router may operate without issues but should be completely quiet. NickDJ
Date of Posting: 13 June 2017
Posted By: Rich
East Yorkshire
Perhaps you could help with 2 other questions I haven't been able to solve so far.

1. According to product literature I could find online, the TG588v/v2 provides SMB and UPnP server capability. However, those aren't covered in the web interface, and nothing happens when plugging in a USB drive. Have you found any way of getting them working?
2. Do you know where to look for firmware updates for this device?

(Firmware 15.3)

Hi, as long as the hard drive is formatted correctly it should pick up as a network share. Whether you are on Firmware 15.* or 16.* it should work. Try a small USB stick and see if that works. It may be because your hard drive is too large?
- NickDJ
Date of Posting: 01 May 2017
Posted By: Francois Visagie
Douglas, Isle of Man

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