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Do you know where we can find firmware 16.2 to download please? Also anyone know why since we have changed internet and got this new router that my sons xbox live intermittently disconnects?

Firmware 16.2 is not currently available to download unfortunately. In regards to the Xbox I've experienced this myself. Try using the 2.5Ghz channel and not the 5Ghz channel. NickDJ
Date of Posting: 19 April 2017
Posted By: Rachel
East Yorkshire
I have a tg589vac v2, it came from the isp provider. The firmware is customized for the provider.
I'm under the impression they did something to choke the number of connections it can handle in order to prevent or limit p2p, as this generates a lot of traffic that the isp provider.
I believe a generic firmware would be best, as I do read that this machine is fairly good whereas it is performing awfully for me.
I found on the internet the firmware for v1 and v3 of the tg589, nothing for v2.
They do not seem to be compatible either.
Any hints as to where the correct firmware may be found?

Unfortunately suppliers are unwilling to release their own firmware. Even if you are able to get around this issue you may find the ISP themselves block P2P traffic anyway. Your best option is to use a VPN to circumnavigate restrictions. I hope this helps. NickDJ
Date of Posting: 16 March 2017
Posted By: fede
Does anyone experience with the unstable remote assistance? I just got one TG588v with software release 10.A.C.3. Right after a reboot, remote assistance was working well. The port forwarding to internal router was also fine. But after few hours running, All of them are not able to be access any more. Access the unit from lan is fine and all settings look good. However, any access from internet is not possible.

The remote assistance option on the Technicolor routers is only active for about 30 minutes after which it will turn off. It is not possible to enable the remote assistance option permanently. NickDJ
Date of Posting: 03 March 2017
Posted By: Chris
Can indicate if they use the same firmware model TG589vac and TG589vac V2?

As far as I'm aware both routers are physically different and the firmware is not cross-compatible. - NickDJ
Date of Posting: 16 February 2017
Posted By: Yieshus
Is there a short guide on how to update the firmware of the Technicolor TG589vac (v1) with your 15.4 firmware? I can see the upgrade firmware section on the Global gateway page of the unit but what do we put there. The .zip file or just the .bin file?
Is there a way to back up the current firmware first?

If you download the firmware as a zipped file, unzip it on your computer and you should find a .rbi file within it. Use that file to upgrade the firmware via the web interface.
Unfortunately there isn't any method of backing up the current firmware as far as I know. NickDJ
Date of Posting: 09 February 2017
Posted By: Kevin W
Norfolk, UK
Useful site, thanks. In the specs for the TG588V V2, mention is made of the fact that it is "Enabled to support Wi-Fi Doctor® (sold separately) and Wi-Fi Controller (sold separately)". Do you have any idea of what these products are and where they can be obtained?
Not something I've heard of before but found the following link: I cannot find anything in regards to Wi-Fi Controller unfortunately.
Date of Posting: 05 February 2017
Posted By: TG588V_Tom
Reasonably tech- savvy user with a small home network, Ireland

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