Website Links
hyperlink icon Various links to websites related to the articles and guides on this website.
internet connection Most of the router guides on this website are related to those manufacured by Technicolor.  This is a very popular router supplied by UK ISPs.  If you would like to find out more about TEchnicolor and other products click on the image on the left to go to the official website.
Raspberry Pi The link on the left will take to to the offical Raspberry Pi website.  Here you can find out more information about the Raspberry Pi, download NOOBS, and find out more about the company and their history.  It's worth mentioning that the Raspberry Pi is a non-profit device aimed to bring computer programming back into the classroom.  This is something I hold dearly to my heart as I was brought up in the era where you had to write your own software if you wanted to use a computer.  I'm glad to say Eben Upton achieved his goal.
internet connection Recalbox is an all-in-one retro emulator and media centre.  You can find out more about this amazing system and which devices can be emulated by clicking on the image to the left.  You'll also find links to their forum which contains lots of useful information, hints, and tips.
internet connection Raspbian is the official and most widely used operating system on Raspberry Pi.  Recently updated to use Pixel this now provides a much more modern interface whilst still being fast and reliable.  Once installed your Raspberry Pi will be a linux desktop so you can install Kodi, Pi-Hole, or use it with your project.  A great place to start in any case.  Clicking on the image to the left will take you to the officail website.
1 Click on the image to the left to go to the official Pi-Hole website.  Here you can find all the technical details on how to set up the Raspberry Pi to block an aweful amount of junk which is thrown at your devices every time you go on the internet.  You'll be suprised on how much a difference blocking ads can make.  You will need a reasonably good understanding on using SSH but hopefully my guides make everything really easy.
internet connection Kodi is an all -on-one media player and organizer.  If you are like me and have hundreds of albums stored on your computer (or NAS drive) and also have a lot of videos/films at your disposal then this is essential.  Via additional add-ons you can get the media centre to play online content.  Please note, Kodi do not officially support third party add-ons so use at your own risk.
OpenElec (Media Centre)
internet connection If you want your Raspberry Pi (or device running a linux OS) you can use OpenElec to give you access to Kodi.  If you are like me you'll probably have a Raspberry PI running this OS so you can watch films on your TV or wherever you want.  Click on the image to the left to go to the official website..
OSMC (Open Source Media Center)
internet connection OSMC is similar to OpenElec in that its another way to get Kodi onto your Raspberry Pi.  It differs slightly in performance and frequency of updates.  I find it particularly fast when browsing through files using the official skin.
Maker Pro
makerpro Maker Pro contains some useful DIY projects if you would like to explore what can be achieved with a Raspberry Pi.  Projects can range from Beginner to Advancea and may inspire you to create your own projects.  There is also a range of useful articles about Cyber Security and robotics which may be helpful for the more adventurous.