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It's no secret, I love retro gaming, listening to music, and watching films!  There are lots of platforms and devices you can use and even more ways of getting your entertainment fix.  However getting the smoothest experience, best sound and video quality, and making everything organized is a difficult task.

As you can probably tell from this website, the Raspberry Pi is my first choice when it comes to an all-on-one entertainment solution.  However there are occasions where the computing power of a PC is required.  This is especially the case when trying to emulate newer consoles or playing video in audio perfect surround sound.

During my journey to achieve the best solution I have had to overcome many obstacles.  This section is dedicated to providing you information about available options and how to tackle obstacles you may encounter.

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Emulation Station on Windows
Emulation Station is a beautiful customizable interface for RetroArch and other external emulators.  It's used by RetroPie and Recalbox on the Raspberry PI, however, you may want a little more processing power and the ability to run other emulators.
Getting this to work on Windows can be really complicated.   The internet contains several guides but they are very vague.  Fortunately, we've taken all the hardware work away and now you can get started with a few downloads.  Alternatively, you can opt to create your own build.
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RetroArch is a multi-platform emulation system allowing you to play nearly all consoles, arcade machines, and home computers.  You can now play original arcade classics, enjoy reliving the days of Spectrum and Comodore home computers, or give Mario Bros another bash.  It can also emulate handheld consoles such as Gameboy and NeoGeo Pocket!

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Playstation One (PSX) Emulation on Windows
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Playstation 2 Emulation on Windows
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In progress.

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PSP Emulation on Windows

The PlayStation Portable (PSP) is a handheld device which brought a PlayStation 2 like gaming experience into one handy little device.  This beautifully designed device featured lots of games which were very simular to the cosole.

Using PPSSPP you can now emulate these games at better than original quality.

(article in progress)

Gamecube & Wii Emulation on Windows
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One of my favorite consoles to emulate is the Nintendo Gamecube.  There were so many great titles to choose from such as The Legend of Zelda and of course Mario Kart and Party.

The emulator of choice here is Dolphin.  Available on Windows, Mac, and even Android, this emulator works particularly smoothly and a joy to play at 4k.  The following guide will help you get set up, particularly nice when running in conjunction with Emulator Station.

Connecting Sony DualShock 3/4 controllers to Windows
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This guide will help you attach PS3 controllers to a Windows computer so you can play all your retro games amongst others.  You can connect up to 4 controllers via USB or Bluetooth (dongle required) at the same time!


Plex Media Server

No matter where you are and what device you are using, Plex allows you to play all your music and video via a beautiful web interface.  Plex is available on PC, Mobile, Xbox, Smart TVs, amongst others.  This guide will help you get that old PC doing something really useful.  - In progress