Retroarch 150

RetroArch is a multi-platform emulation system allowing you to play nearly all consoles, arcade machines, and home computers.  You can now play original arcade classics, enjoy reliving the days of Spectrum and Comodore home computers, or give Mario Bros another bash.  It can also emulate handheld consoles such as Gameboy and NeoGeo Pocket!

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Installation Guide

RetroArch can be used as a standalone application to launch various systems and games, however you may prefer to use Emulation Station to do this.  This guide is geared towards the latter and simply shows how to install, download the latest cores (emulators), and where to put the,

Note: In this guide %homepath% refers to where the .emulationstation folder can be found.
When using the original installer i refers to your default home path (i.e. c:\Users\username)
Or when using our build, where the emulationstation folder was unpacked.


Select Get RetroArch or the Download tab


Select the 32bit or 64bit intaller to start the download.
Once downloaded, double-click the file to launch the installer


Select Next


Ticket the box next to "I accept the terms of the Licence Agreement"
Select Next


Now you need to locate the retroarch folder. Navigate to where you unpacked Emulation Station, open .emulationstation, then the systems folder, and you should see a folder called retroarch. If you've used the Emualtion Station installer, this is likely to be in your homepath folder (type %homepath% in the search/run box).


You can install the DirectX 9.0c Runtime if you wish.
Select Next


Now you are ready to install. Select Install.


Once complete you can select Finish. Tick the "Run RetroArch" box if you want to jump immediately into the next section.

Running and adding cores

After launching REtroArch, you will be greeted with the main RetroArch interface. Before you can start playing any games you will need to download the cores.


Using your keyboard, select Load Core


Next select Download Core...


Naviage to the core you wish to download and press enter. You'll see some text at the bottom of the screen showing the file downloading. Which core you choose depends on your personal choice. You could simply go through the list and download them all if you really want to.

If you are planning to use Emulation Station to launch games via RetroArch, you'll need to make sure your cores are in the correct folder. You can either change the default core location to %homepath%/.emulationstation/systems/retroarch/libretro or move the files manually from the cores folder to the libretro folder.


If you want to loauch a game fromRetroArch directly, you'll first need to select the correct core and then navigate to where the ROM is stored.  You can scan folders into RetroArch.  For more information about this, please visit the RetroArch website