Router Guides
pdfmanual icon There are many different types of routers out there, however, one of the most popular makes supplied by broadband providers is Technicolor.  Their products range from simple 'home use' models to the more complicated business types.


In this section you'll find various guides and tips on getting the most from your device.  You can download the guides by clicking on the Pop Out icon in the top-right corner and then you have the options to save to Google Drive, Print, or View Original (which allows you to then download).

Technicolor Most of the guides on this website are related to Technicolor routers.  From here you can find guides specific to a particular model or find helpful information when it comes to using these devices.
DrayTek Various User Guides for DrayTek routers.
TP-Link A few guides for TP-Link routers. Select the model from the list below. 
ZyXEL Various guides for ZyXEL routers. Select the model you require information about.