Hidden Features - UCI System
Hidden Features - UCI System

Although the newer Technicolor routers no longer have Telnet access, you can access some of the back-end configuration via SSH. Here are some guides on how to log in and make changes.

(Note:  So far only the TG589vac (v1) with Firmware 15.4 works)

UCI System - SSH Login
UCI System - SSH Login If you would like to gain access to the Technicolor via SSH the following guide will assist.
UCI System - Export Configuration
UCI System - Export Configuration Once you have access to the UCI System the first thing you will want to do is configure the router to allow the settings to be exported in plain text.  Here's the info.
UCI System - Port Forwarding Ranges
UCI System - Port Forwarding Ranges Port forwarding ranges on firmware version 15.* is a know issue and cannot be done via the Web Interfece.   Once you have access to the configuration file in plain text you may want play with some of the port forwarding rules.  This guide will help you get those port ranges forwarding