Technicolor TG389ac
Technicolor TG389ac

Technicolor’s smart Ethernet gateways enable service providers to effortlessly deploy managed triple play services behind an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) or media converter. They are the ideal platform to enhance competitiveness, raise ARPU and increase user stickiness by introducing premium broadband applications and services.
A carrier-grade smart Ethernet gateway featuring one gigabit Ethernet WAN port, the TG389ac helps service providers respond to growing demand for bandwidth. Thanks to its powerful core and scalable service memory, the TG389ac enables true gigabit connectivity between LAN devices and the network.

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Technicolor TG389ac - Product Information
TG389 product info The Technicolor TG389ac does not incorporate an ADSL or VDSL modem but specifically designed for FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) connections or to connect via Ethernet to a dedicated modem or NTE.  Here you will find out more information about this product.
Technicolor TG389ac - Manual Configuration
Technicolor - Manual Configuration The Technicolor TG389ac doesn't usually require any configuration if connecting to a modem or NTE, however, this guide will help if you wish to connect to FTTC.  We've also covered the advanced settings where you can assign a block of WAN IPs.
Technicolor TG389ac - User Guide
tg389 user guide Here you can find the complete manufactures User Guide for the Technicolor TG389ac.
Technicolor TG389ac - Change Gateway IP, DHCP, and DNS
Technicolor - Gateway IP, DHCP, and DNS If you need to change the IP address of the router to match your internal network or amend the range of IPs used for DHCP the below guide will help.  You can also change the DNS settings if required.
Technicolor TG389ac - Port Forwarding
Technicolor - Port Forwarding If you require remote access to devices within your network, you are likely to require to set up Port Forwarding on your router.
Technicolor TG389ac - Assign a Block of IP addresses
ip block If you are planning to run a server for email, serve a website, or use a hardware firewall you'll usually need to request a block of IP addresses from your ISP.  Here is how you configure them on your Technicolor router.
Technicolor TG389ac - Disable SIP_ALG - Firmware 15.1+
Technicolor - Disable SIP_ALG - Firmware 15.1+ If you are having issues using VoIP using a Technicolor router then it is likely to need to disable SIP_ALG.  This guide is specifically for routers which have firmware versions 15.1 - 15.4.
Technicolor TG389ac - Disable SIP_ALG - Firmware 16.+
Technicolor - Disable SIP_ALG - Firmware 16.+# If you are having issues using VoIP using a Technicolor router then it is likely to need to disable SIP_ALG.  This guide is specifically for routers which have firmware versions 16.1 and above.
Technicolor TG389ac - Content Sharing
USB Hard Drive1 The Technicolor TG389ac can be used to connect a USB storage device providing Network Attached Storage (NAS) and the ability to stream media via DNLA.  This guide shows how it all works.
Locking down the Technicolor TG389ac
Locking down Technicolor routers

With the latest version of firmware (16.2) it is now possible to lock down a router so it can only accept incomming connections from a specific IP address and port.  This is extremely useful if you are using this router to connect a device which only needs to communicate with one place (e.g. a VoIP system).

The reason why you may want to do this is to reduce the chance a third party is able to connect to your devices from other locations.