Technicolor TG589vac Updated Firmware (15.4)
tc589vacsamll If you are using VoIP and you are getting issues where calls are failing, one way voice, cutting off at regular intervals, or you are unable to transfer calls internally, this may be the result of the router showing as SIP Aware (SIP_ALG).  Some suppliers will disable SIP_ALG in the firmware to combat this issue, however, there has been cases where the above symptons happen but the router doesn't look SIP Aware

The below link is to an updated firmware which has helped some customers in the past.  Please note, only upgrade the firmware on the router if you are technically savvy.  This file is provided at your own risk and recommend only using if you have a spare Technicolor TG589vac (v1) (please make sure it's this model) or you have a backup of the current firmware. 

This firmware can also be used if your ISP has disabled some features on their router.  

By clicking the below link you are acknowledging we are not responsible if the firmware breaks your router.