Virtual Web Interface
virtual web interface 300

The below example is taken from the Technicolor TG589vac_v2 running Firmware 16.1.  There are some differences between Firmware 15.* and 16.* but for the most part they are very similar.  Although mostly complete there are some parts of the interface I'm still working on but hopefully you'll fid what you're looking for.


Firmware 16.1 (TG589vac_v2) 

The above link opens a pop-up window.  If this doesn't display properly please click here.


If you are using a Technicolor TG588v_v2 or TG389ac you will find most of the features are similar with the exception of:

TG588v_v2:  Doesn't have 5Ghz or ethernet connectivity options.

TG389ac:  Doesn't have ADSL or VDSL.


Noticable differences between Firmware 15.* and 16.* are:

  1. Engineer login credentials (replaces the 'debug' option)
  2. The ability to port forward ranges.
  3. Guest wireless networks.
  4. Improved 5Ghz wireless speeds.


Clicking on the link above will open a window.  I've tried to make the web interface a simple point-and-click experience.  Please note, to scroll down click left-click on the scroll bar on the right side of the image.