Kodi Media Centre
Kodi Media Centre

Kodi is an Open Source Media Centre available on various platforms including Windows, Linux, and Mac.  It can also run on devices such as Android Phones, Apple iPhone, and Raspberry Pi.

This section will help you get the most out of Kodi and includes a few 'hints and tips' and information about third party add-ons.

Openelec The most popular distribution for the Raspberry Pi.  Fast, has lots of nice features, and easy to install via NOOBS or Berryboot.
LibreElec (Kodi Media Centre)
LibreElec (Kodi Media Centre) A recent fork of OpenElec promising more regular updates and already sports some unique features.
OSMC (Kodi Media Centre)
OSMC Based on Kodi OSMC is complete system.  Simple installer, very regular updates, and some great unique features.