Pi-Hole (Network-wide ad blocking)
Pi-Hole (Network-wide ad blocking)

Pi-hole is free advertisement-blocking software, developed by volunteers.

It runs on home-based tech, like the inexpensive and energy-efficient Raspberry Pi, to protect all of the devices on your home network from unwanted content.

Getting to know your Pi-Hole
pi hole intro If you are interested in finding out about using a Pi-Hole to manage DNS and block ads on your network you may find this guide useful.  It give a guide to the web interface and shows you some of the more useful features which can not only speed up all your devices but also help identify potential harmful software.
Pi-Hole on Raspbian
Pi-Hole on Rasbian

Installing PiHole on Rasbian could not be simpler.  With access to Terminal all you need to do is type in one command and the software downloads and installs itself automatically.

Once this completes there are a few pages for configuration and you are done!  What's more, you can do this on any device using Linux so doesn't have to be a Raspberry Pi & Rasbian.

Pi-Hole on OSMC
images Want to know how to run OSMC and Pi-Hole at the same time?