Pi-Hole on Raspbian
Pi-Hole on Rasbian

Installing PiHole on Rasbian could not be simpler.  With access to Terminal all you need to do is type in one command and the software downloads and installs itself automatically.

Once this completes there are a few pages for configuration and you are done!  What's more, you can do this on any device using Linux so doesn't have to be a Raspberry Pi & Rasbian.


First you need to do is access Terminal.  If you have plugged your Rasberry Pi into a monitor you can click on the icon located at the top.

If you prefer to do this remotely this is possible too via SSH.  On Windows for example, you can use Putty to log into the Raspberry Pi.  All you need is to know the IP address of the Raspberry Pi.  The default username is Pi and password Rasberry.

Once you have access to terminal all you need to do is enter the following text:

curl -L https://install.pi-hole.net | bash


Once this has been entered Terminal will spew out a load of information whilst it installs all the required software.


Following installation you will be presented with the configuration pages (typically blue).  For best results it's best to connect the Raspberry Pi to the router via an Ethernet cable.  During the set-up process make sure you select the Eth port and statically assign is a new IP address.  You can also chose if you want to use Googles DNS Servers (default) or more secure Norton/Comodo servers.

Once complete you may want ro reboot your router and Raspberry Pi however this is not essential.